A flickr wish

I tend to browse Flickr on a daily basis to see if people in my contact list have added any interesting shots. For me, Flickr is in part about learning photography and being inspired by the pictures of others, and in part about keeping in touch with people -- like a blog, without all the boring verbiage (hey, I'm a simple person. I like to look at the pictures :-)).

Something that really annoys me is all the tacky "award" icons that people put in the comments. It just takes up a lot of space and looks....well, tacky and cheap.

How if Flickr added some special functionality for this? For one so the people who like to spam other people's comments with these icons can get a more convenient mechanism for it. And second, but most important, so I can choose to filter it away when I am reading the comments to pictures I am actually interested in. Or at least have it formatted in a more visually pleasing manner.

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