Ancient fridge problem finally solved. Sort of.

Earlier today the existence of the LG LSC27990 was brought to my attention. For those of you who are not following the fridge scene closely, this is a side by side fridge with a built in HD ready LCD TV.

While reading the specs I realized something: this fridge makes it possible to finally solve the ancient problem of men and fridges: the fact that we go over to the fridge, open the door and then proceed to stare at the contents for a prolonged period of time with the door open.

Which obviously annoys the lady of the residence to no end.

Now, the only modification this fridge would need is 2-3 wide-angle cameras inside the fridge to make it possible to have a prolonged stare at its contents without keeping the door open.

Ha! Brilliant! Problem solved.

And, as a bonus, HTA pointed out that now we have a way to determine whether the light is on or off inside the fridge when the door is closed. No more lying sleepless at night wondering.

Come to think of it, better give it a wireless connection as well, so I can hook it up to the net and keep an eye on things while I am at work. Better yet: so I can use my PDA to check, from bed, whether or not it is even worth getting up to raid the fridge during the night.

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