The inevitable remake.

A terrible thought struck me while I was reading the reviews of Stieg Larsson's crime novels.

They are filming the novels right now, with swedish actors. I had a look at the cast and it seems like a good cast. It'll make an interesting series of films I am sure. People who loved the books will be upset because things won't turn out exactly as they had pictured it, but that is to be expected.

The terrible thought that occurred to me was that they will do a remake of the films in the US. And as usual, they'll strip the movies of all the character and flavor of the story. The books have a very swedish tone to them. They take place in Sweden and are about swedish people. I've seen Hollywood remakes of scandinavian films. They all come out unbearably mediocre and bland. Hollywood doesn't do scandinavian well.

They'll probably cast some neurotic-yet-bubblegum-pretty Helena Bonham Carter-lookalike as Salander, and some slippery Hollywood clown with a tan and a sixpack as Blomquist. Then dumb the story down to the point where it is just like any other cheap action movie.

And that's just too bad.

I really hope I am wrong.

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