Coffee infrastructure updates

As I type these words my hands are still shaking from the massive amounts of caffeine I have consumed today.

Today I picked up my new coffee grinder at Dromedar. I think this purchase sets a new standard for customer satisfaction. It all started when I sent them an email and asked them for some advice on a coffee grinder I was considering. Roy called me back the day after and we chatted about coffee grinders for a while. It is always fun to talk to people who really care about what they do.

Roy told me that the grinder I was considering was indeed a great grinder, but he had just gotten word that the Mazzer Mini was available from their reseller of choice at a considerably reduced price -- so for a few bucks more, I could have the same grinder that they use in their coffee shop. So I figured why not, and ordered it.

The grinder arrived a couple of days later and he called me back. Now, not only do they take care of the order for you; when you buy a grinder from them they give you a brief introduction to calibrating and using it too! So after work I went over to one of their cafés, and Kjetil from Dromedar showed me the ropes. We took the grinder out of its box, assembled it and Kjetil explained how the thing works. Then we loaded the thing up with some coffee-beans and went on to find the right settings for perfect espresso.

We experimented a bit with the settings, and Kjetil pulled some shots to demonstrate the effects of having the grinder set too finely or too coarsely. He explained how to diagnose problems, how to do proper tamping, the importance of filling the filter correctly etc. When we were approaching the right settings he let me pull some shots and to my surprise they came out okay.

Then we packed up the grinder and I hurried home. Impatient to try it out.

I am now in coffee heaven. :-)

A big thanks to Kjetil and Roy from Dromedar for a brilliant customer experience. It isn't often you find people who are as helpful and as passionate about what they do as these guys!

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