Indiana Jones

Went to see Indiana Jones yesterday. Not sure what I expected but I didn't expect the movie to be so mediocre. Don't get me wrong, it was entertaining and all the action ingredients you'd expect were there. But it just wasn't a movie I'd bother seeing again. A bit like the sequel to "National Treasure", which was also suffering from either a weak script or bad editing -- or both.

I think what I missed from the movie was an identifiable goal for the storyline. At any given time it should be possible to list the top 2-3 priorities for the hero -- apart from "staying alive", and I think the story, the hero's main mission, was too vague. Every now and then you'd catch a glimpse of it and think "Oh yeah, that's right, they were looking for a cave. Or something." There's a lot of running around and physical drama (as you'd expect) but no solid story to tie everything together. It's an action movie. The story needs clear and identifiable success criteria for the hero. This movie was just a bunch of action sequences and nice visuals, some attempts at political commentary and self-referential nostalgia (remember the scene where they pull Indy out of the trunk and you see his shadow when he puts on the hat? I cringed at the cheap "the hero returns" imagery).

My rating of the movie: "meh".

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