TODO list for Steve Jobs

hi Steve,

...me again. As you know by now, I am a big fan of MaxOS X -- and that's something since I am one of those guys who has been using UNIX on laptops since before Linux reached version 1.0.

BUT, there are some things still left to do in MacOS X that you appear to have forgotten about, so here is a quick recap of what you need to do before the next update of Leopard.
  1. Fix the annoying login dialog problem when you open a mac after it has been suspended. It pops up and then waits for a short while and then goes away again, and doesn't come back, if you don't pay attention to it. In general, going to/from suspended state is a hassle. At the very least figure out some way of telling the user which state the machine thinks it is in and what state it is trying to change to.
  2. Fix front row. I have yet to use Front Row without it crashing on me and unless I am at home, so I can log into my laptop via SSH from a different machine, it just hogs the screen and keyboard and I have to restart the machine. Front Row is not usable. Ditch it or fix it, but choose one, please.
  3. iTunes is a big part of the MacOS experience, we all agree on that, right? OK, now user interfaces that are unresponsive are bad. You should have some books on usability floating around the office: read them. Then have your programmers read up on concurrent programming. iTunes currently can't walk and chew gum at the same time. In fact, it can't breathe and chew gum at the same time.
  4. Terminal should have default behavior that is closer to how terminals behave under X11 with regard to termination. When the shell terminates, please clean up the window -- that's how the gods of UNIX intended it. Pressing Cmd-W is superflous and it is really annoying that Cmd-W is dependent on the config and that the default does the wrong thing. Also, in Leopard, for some reason, the keymapping went all wonky so I can't type "[]{}|\" etc. I haven't found any solution for that last problem so I now use a third party terminal. I really think it would be neat to have a non-sucky terminal shipped with Leopard.
Thanks for listening Steve. I am sure you will print this note and stick it to your fridge and look at it every morning until the next Leopard update.


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