Absence of presence.

Yesterday I saw Kent live in Molde. I went there with an open mind. Ready to be convinced that Kent had something more to offer. Something that would come out more clearly when exposed to them in concert.

Earlier this summer I saw Foo Fighters live -- another band I hadn't really spent any time listening to. I enjoyed the concert and it made me curious about the band. Now I have a couple of their albums on my iPod. Concerts are a great way to get introduced to a band.

That didn't happen with Kent.

Granted, the sound sucked really bad for most of the concert. Either the person in charge of the sound was asleep at the mixing desk or I was in a really bad spot, but the low end was completely out of control most of the time. It sounded like the music was being played through a car with oversized subwoofers and all windows closed -- and then vocals and guitar being tucked onto that. Idiot.

Anyway, the band. What can I say. You might sum it up as "absence of presence". Not a single one of the people on stage had any sort of charisma. The whole thing was impersonal, sterile and a bit desperate. They looked like a bunch of ill clad hairdressers at a karaoke bar. I certainly hope their record sales can support them, because as a live act they are, at best, unexciting.

A journalist friend of mine gave them 2 out of 6. I think he was being kind to them. As far as concerts go, you have to be a pretty dedicated fan to ignore how bad Kent were live yesterday.

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