Next iPod update

Ah, the rumor mill cranketh.

If I were Apple, I'd make sure the next generation iPod Touch has bluetooth activated. There are rumors that the iPod Touch actually has a BT chip onboard, but that it just hasn't been activated yet. People who keep an eye on FCC filings say that Apple has only cleared the wireless networking, but not bluetooth.

Not only would I be able to throw all those earbuds with their tangly wires in the trash, but it would make the iPod Touch an excellent platform for VOIP applications. That would be great when I am in the US since most places I visit have decent WiFi and my cell phone provider charges me an arm and a leg to call back home to Norway. I've been thinking about ditching Netcom as my cell provider for a while. My plan expired quite a while ago and they've not done anything to encourage me to stay on. Perhaps it is time to do something about those phone bills and shop around a bit.

I wonder if Apple is going to do anything with VOIP. It could go either way; Steve Jobs could make life difficult for those who want to run VOIP apps on the iPhone / iPod Touch or he could decide that they want to encourage it and even release an Apple VOIP product.

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