Oh pony up the cash already

There is a chance that Top Gear is going to disintegrate after the 12'th series over contract negotioations.

I think that would be rather sad. Top Gear is probably the only TV show about cars that people who have absolutely no interest in cars watch because it is entertaining. It isn't really a show about cars as such -- it is a show about three guys being obnoxious and doing all sorts of things that aren't politically correct. It is comedy with an aroma of petrol.

Only, one of the three, Clarkson, gets paid significantly more han the two others. Now the other two (May and Hammond) are pissed off and want equal pay.

Of course, I suspect Clarkson is probably contributing more than the two others to the writing process. If you've read any of his books, you'll recognize the style -- and sometimes whole paragraphs of rants delivered on the show. Anyway, they probably have a whole horde of writers on the show, but it is a bit beside the point. The point is that the show probably only works as well with the exact cast it has now and the BBC makes a ton of money off of the show.

It would only make good business sense to start writing them fatter checks. Depending on their actual input to the show I am not sure they should get paid what Clarkson gets paid, but it would make sense to pay them significantly more than they get now -- if nothing else so they can ditch some of their side-gigs and focus on making more episodes per season.

I am sure Top Gear will go out of fashion soon enough.

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