Protobuffers finally open source.

Finally, protobuffers are now open source! After the announcement I had a look at the reactions in forums and blogs and I see a lot of skepticism. "Not Invented Here" and "why not {ASN1, IDL, whatever}".

I can't really say any of that worries me. I think that when people do give it a whirl, they'll find it to be fairly easy to use, it performs well and it has a very pragmatic approach. When I first used it I was a bit skeptical too (which is healthy in a programmer), but within the first hour of using protobuffers I was sold.

What I am really looking forward to is to see what direction the open source community might take this in. I would assume that there will be support for more languages. It would also be nice if we could get rid of XML in a lot of contexts where I feel that it simply doesn't belong.

Happy hacking!

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