Goodbye GM?

The writing has been on the wall for many years now and it amazes me that the american car industry has been so inept in anticipating the inevitable changes in consumer demand as gas prices have increased. As sales of large, gas-guzzling, low quality american cars plummet, the sales of small asian and european cars is booming. And the american car industry? They have no response.

They've had years to anticipate this change in consumer behavior. They should have been prepared to scale down production of large cars and scale up production of smaller cars. They should have worked a lot harder at making production of smaller cars more cost-efficient. Why on earth are they lagging so badly behind the rest of the world? Where does the automotive industry find these useless executives? Have they been completely stoned out of their mind the past 7 years? What about the major share-holders? Do they want to lose money?

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