iTunes and iPod Touch wishlist.

iPod Touch
  1. I'd like better protection than that offered by entry of a simple 4 digit pin. An iPod Touch may have access to your personal email and other services and the access control should take this into account.
  2. Make it possible to turn off/on the protection for certain apps. The main pain point being that it is unreasonable to have to unlock and enter the pin every time I want to do something relatively trivial on my iPod Touch like turn up or down the volume, skip a track or similar. (Failing that, having a volume, play/pause button and skip buttons in the unlock dialog would help). Fredrik Rodland pointed out to me that you can get the iPod play/pause, skip and volume controls by double-clicking the front button.
  1. Make the thing properly multithreaded. The interface should be responsive even though you are downloading, importing or plugging in your iPod.
  2. Solve the IO problems that seem to affect iTunes. When playing a movie while downloading iTunes often gets really choppy playback due to lack of IO prioritization among disk accesses.
  3. Provide a proper console for iTunes to report back what it is doing -- the multi-modal display at the top isn't very good. Make it possible to cancel scheduled activities (like sync'ing a file to the iPod after you've hit Sync, but before iTunes has gotten around to that file).
  4. Make sure the iPod comes up in iTunes as soon as it is plugged in. Don't wait around for network accesses that may have to time out first.
  5. I ripped all my CDs to MP3 many years ago. Many of these (about 1/3 of my collection) mp3s lack good ID3 tags. Please make adding ID3 tags to heaps of poorly og inconsistently tagged mp3s easier. Something that can intelligently derive information from file and directory names would be ideal. Perhaps in conjunction with metadata from the iTunes store (for instance, say I have all the tracks from an album in a directory, it would help greatly if it would make it possible to make educated guesses if I indicate what album it is)
iTunes Music Store
  1. Get movie rentals and TV series sorted out for Europe. I am on Norway. Movies have yet to become available. Please tell the studios that them dragging their feet costs them money. Right now the only way to get hold of movies and TV shows in any timely fashion is to download them illegally. It is not because people are cheap -- it is because the studios do not provide the product customers want.
  2. For the most part, I hate the localized iTunes. I approach music by genre -- not nationality. Marketing people are too hung up on market segments, borders and nationality. I am sure for some customers that is indeed important, but I am not one of them.
  3. OK, so this is a special request, but would it be possible to work out some deal with Formula One Management about distribution of their practices, qualifying and races online? If need be as a rental model? Again, what appears to be the prevalent model is that these are captured from TV and then distributed illegaly over the net. Greed and silly licensing deals is getting in the way of a business opportunity. (Yes, I know Bernie tighter than Ebeneezer Scrooge, but it wouldn't hurt to make him understand he really has nothing to lose).


  1. (Failing that, having a volume, play/pause button and skip buttons in the unlock dialog would help).

    If you double-click the HOME-button you get access to exactly this without having to enter your PIN-code. At least on iPhones, but I guess they've implemented the same thing on the iPod touches as well.

  2. @Fredrik Rodland: hey, thanks for the tip!

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