Here's a completely useless idea.

I am procrastinating. My mind is filling up with all sorts of silly ideas that seem more tempting than the mind-numbingly boring and painful task that lies before me. I need to write a truckload of performance reviews by the end of the week and I really do not feel like doing it.

So I got this idea. A completely useless idea that I will use my awesome, superhuman willpower to not do anything about.

A while ago, several text editors appeared that have a full-screen mode. It is supposed to help you focus on writing by removing all the visual clutter that you normally find on your screen. Just an empty screen and text. I've tried using editors that have this mode a few times. I have a license for WriteRoom, but although I think it does help a bit, I don't really use it that much because all in all, it is not a very good text editor.

Okay, so the last brain fart to pollute my neurons as I am trying to motivate myself to do tedious work is a text editor that emulates a typewriter. In the sense that what you see on screen is the paper roll, hammers that punch letters into paper and the glorious mechanical sound of an old typewriter as you write. One could even imagine having the option of choosing different types of typewriters. An ancient Remington, an old IBM with a ball head etc.

There is something deeply satisfying in the feel of writing something on an old-fashioned typewriter. The noise, the rustic look of the text. I doubt that you can capture all that in a piece of software, but it would be fun if someone tried.

Anyway, as I said: a completely useless idea that will not earn anyone a penny, but an amusing thought nonetheless.

Back to work. Ugh.

PS: the idea occurred to me while reading xkcd today.


  1. Just buy a typewriter, a box of paper and a scanner with OCR?

    Barring that, why not just rig a typewriter up with a little extra hardware to act as a USB keyboard? Then at least you'd have the tactile part down...

    You'd still need to do the screen part, but that should be a bit easier.

    Just don't get confused and try to put white out on the screen.

  2. I guess you were procrastinating too, huh? :)