How hard can it be...

Just watched a bunch of talking heads veer off into a dozen different directions while discussing politicians in the wake of the pension fraud-scandal in Norway.

Look, halfwits, this is not hard.

We have a bunch of politicians who have accepted a lot more money in the form of pensions than they were supposed to. Of course they say they didn not know and they were not aware and all the standard excuses ordinary people would come up with yet would not get away with. These people are supposed to know. They do not have plausible deniability. And if they really didn't know: what the hell are they doing managing my hard earned tax money!? Let alone our precious oil money.

All we expect is that they be given the same treatment as anyone else in the same situation. If that means that we throw the former prime minister in jail for pension fraud, then so be it. If we, for a second, pretend that he is special or that he must obviously be innocent since he is a Man Of The Cloth, we can kiss any illusions of being a proper, well-functioning democracy under rule of law goodbye.

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