The limit.


  1. I've never really liked the Monaco circuit. I like teh spacious.

  2. Seeing Senna drive it in an old McLaren Honda looks fairly exciting. You have all the hardships of driving an F1 car and then the addition of a bumpy surface and no run-off areas. Looks like great fun to do solo.

    Races there are ... well, they are not really races. More like parades with the occasional hairy banzai move.

    Street races generally suck.

    I had four tracks on my list. Tracks I am going to drive: Nordschleife, Spa Francorchamps, Laguna Seca and Suzuka.

    Nordschleife I'm doing for the sixth time this fall (and I will continue to drive there every year). Wonderful track; 50 laps to learn and a lifetime to master.

    Spa has been on the calendar a couple of times, but it never happened. We did actually go there a couple of years ago, but sadly not with the Ring-Alfas. Eu Rouge is testicle-shrinkingly scary.

    Laguna Seca might happen some time. I have a standing invitation from some Alfisti in the US that I may take them up on one day.

    Suzuka isn't likely. Especially since it is a track that I'd like to drive in a car with lots of downforce so I can do the Spoon-curve at full blast.

  3. So we sort of agree, then, for a change :)

    I have only ever driven fast cars on PC-sims, but I like Spa and Suzuka as well. Sepang looks like a nice circuit in a really powerful car; and I have a soft spot for Silverstone.

    And, btw, I never got the point of the oval races...

    Good luck on your continuing racing career!?!

  4. @vlarsen: you should try driving on track. not sure I would recommend the Nordschleife as your debut track though. a good beginner's track is VĂ„lerbanen. easy on the car and fairly safe while still having a layout that is good for learning. (with the new addition it also has a part where you have to apply "the method").

    I think the main rush comes the when you realize that you are doing things that go against your initial instincts and you succeed because you are applying rational thought.