Public transportation in Trondheim. FAIL!

One might wonder what the hell is up with the public transportation in Trondheim. We have among the most expensive bus tickets in Europe -- possibly the most expensive. Yet politicians pretend to promote public transportation. Their latest invention: in the middle of the city, we have a single block bus lane. If you don't know about this oddity, driving correctly through the inner city can be a bit...interesting. Especially since it is followed by a 30m stub of road where you have to get back onto the right lane in order to cross the next intersection. If you haven't driven through there before and you don't know about this brainfart, things are going to get a bit busy as you try to figure it out with people on all sides driving rather aggressively.

They're also hard at work to introduce an additional gas tax. You know, to save the environment and stuff.

The fact that they are counting on this gas tax making them more money is pretty much a dead giveaway: they are not doing this for the environment, and frankly I find it insulting that they even imply they are doing it for the environment. Most likely, they are just going to chuck this money into the gaping holes of their budget. Directly or by some deal in which the government matches their "environmental fees".

As for the politicians: the mayor of Trondheim when asked why she drove a car to work, she came up with an absolutely pathetic response: because she needed to haul her crap to work -- including an extra set of clothes for representation.

Oh, whoopee-doo, how unique.

Hey lady, get a bloody bicycle and a backpack or ride the bus to work just like you want everyone else to do. You're not the only one with a job and the need to haul crap to work. If other people can take their kids to school, kindergarten etc on the bus, you can bloody well use the public transportation that is supposed to be good enough for everyone else.

In fact, I think the mayor should be required to use public transportation to work. See it as an incentive to make public transportation suck less.

Oh, and today I read that the local cab company are going to charge extra for being on time. Yes, they are going to charge extra for delivering a level of service one should be able to expect from them. They are going to charge NOK 50,- extra to show up at the agreed upon time when you order a cab. As if their fees weren't exorbitant enough to begin with. What sort of message does that send? If the local politicians have any sort of decency left they'd take this as a huge hint that they need to grow a bloody clue about public transportation.

But first, I want to see the mayor on a bicycle. And I want the 18 free parking spaces for her and her staff revoked. Nothing is going to get done without proper incentive.


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