Sports or lawyering?

Anyone watching the closing stages of the GP at Spa Francorchamps today is going to remember the closing stages of that race for a long time. Kimi and Lewis going at each other like crazy. Both driving dirtier and more recklessly than Robert Downey Jr on crack. Kimi overcooks it and ends up in a wall, Lewis makes it through and wins.

Then, after the race, the FIA pulls a 25 second penalty for Lewis out of their ass and takes away his win.

Now I happen to be a Ferrari fan, but I think Lewis deserved the win. Both Kimi and Lewis drove dirty. Pointy elbows all the way. They pretty much cancelled each other out.

Kimi lost his cool and crashed because he ... well, the lad can drive like his ass is on fire, but he isn't exactly what one would describe as the cunning, more cerebral type. So rather than securing the points and not tempt fate, he decided to gamble and pissed away a truckload of championship points.

As for Massa's win; it is a hollow one. Tainted by the FIA's men in suits who are utterly out of touch with racing. There is no fun in being handed a win by a bunch of anemic lawyers.

How about FIA get rid of the lawyer types. Let Max Mosley focus on chasing prostitutes and let someone more in touch with reality run the show.

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