Tromsø olympics 2018

Turns out that arranging the olympic games in Tromsø is going to require a government guarantee of close to NOK 30 billion (NOK 28.5bn is the current estimate). This is considerably more than the previous estimate of about NOK 15.5 billion.

And I thought we in the software industry sucked at estimating cost.

Given that the olympics are mainly a national chest-thumping exercise I find this somewhat disgusting. It offends me that our politicians are even considering committing to that amount of cash to host the olympics. (Of course, that is only what the government needs to guarantee -- the actual cost of funding the olympics will be considerably higher when all is said and done).

I have no positive feelings towards the olympics. It is a despicable branding exercise where commercial interests are more important than the athletes. I didn't watch the coverage of the last olympics and I am not going to watch upcoming olympics. Not that I am what you would call a sports freak (I only watch motor sports), but this has nothing to do with sports.

I will be very disappointed if Norway does not pull out of the race to host the winter olympics in 2018.

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