Lost opportunity

The second to last F1 race of the season was today. I have a bunch of TV channels, but for some reason they decided to air it on a channel I do not have. Of course, I want to see the race today. Before I read about the results anywhere.

There is no way to do that legally right now. I could try to guess where they will be airing the next race and ensure I have access to that channel, but thee is no guarantee it will be set up in time and it doesn't help me watch today's race.

I want to see it. I am willing to pay for it. Yet the only realistic option is to download it from somewhere. Without paying anyone.

When are Formula One Management going to realize that their bone-headed approach to the Internet is only fostering a culture of sharing content in which they have no revenue whatsoever?

I'm over here idiots! Look, I am waving money at you. You do like money, don't you?

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