Oh, that is just cruel.

I rarely visit Facebook. After the initial buzz of re-discovering all the people I haven't spoken to for years, it turned into every other boring social website I have ever signed up to -- perhaps with the exception of those incredibly annoying apps that propel Facebook into the same stratosphere of annoyingness that was up until now reserved for Real Player.

Yesterday I dropped by Facebook for the first time in a long while and I was served the ads on the right.

The first one asks if I am between 50 and 80 years old, have a heart disease and if I want to be someone's guineapig for testing some new drug. I'm not, I don't and I most certainly won't be injected with some untested drug on the basis of a badly targeted ad. (Nor a well-targeted ad for that matter).

The second asks if I need some crap for my grandchild. Although technically possible, no, I do not have any grandchildren.

Either Facebook has really crappy ad-targeting or I have been identified by them to have the facebook surfing habits of a geriatric.

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