Web design on the tram.

I was on the tram the other day. These two young gentlemen were having a discussion about a website they were designing. One of them wanted the whole thing to be one big Flash application. The other one wanted to follow a more standards-compliant route with HTML, CSS and possibly some AJAX -- but used in moderation.

For some reason they decided to involve me in their conversation. (Might have been the hoodie with a large "Blogger" logo on the front, I don't know).

So I gave them my opinion. I told them that putting the whole web-site in a flash app is just about the most idiotic thing I can think of.

Of course, one of them looked all triumphant in a I-told-you-so-manner. The other guy was annoyed. After some moments of grumbling he says: -"so who are you to say what is idiotic? it's not like you work for Google or something".

"Right" I said, and put my earbuds back in to listen to Molly Wood rant about something.


Feline psychosis.

Never give an ocicat something he is allergic to.

Of course, I would never give anyone, cat or otherwise, something they are allergic to knowingly, but nevertheless I managed to do so yesterday. I noticed we'd run out of cat food after arriving at home, so instead of getting the usual stuff from the pet store I got him some food from the corner shop. Wet cat-food made from rabbit-meat.

He has never had rabbit before. And he loved it.

He loved it right up to the point where an apparent allergy kicked in and he started itching all over. Ocicats being an intensive breed, this escalated to the point where he scared his mother shitless. This resulted in a hissing contest and a lot of running around the appartment and intermittent fights (most of the energy dissipated in a cat fight is in the audible part of the spectrum). So at 0430 in the morning it sounded like I was trying to murder someone in the appartment and that the person wasn't going to go without a fight.

I got up, put on a thick jacket and oven mitts in order to restore peace and order. The respective cats being on either side of a door (which I duct-taped shut), I quickly inspected the cats for damage, checked that Snoopy wasn't having any issues with his airways and went back to bed.

Snoopy looked a lot better this morning. Still itching, but at least he was eating (not rabbit!) and he woke me up by making a quick raid and biting my nose (which he does when he thinks I have slept long enough).

Okay then, so I won't be feeding him rabbit anymore.

I called my mother today to ask her opinion (she is a veterinarian). I saw no point in calling her during the night since Snoopy didn't seem to have any reactions to it other than itching like crazy and being scared. The advice she had was to do pretty much what I had done (leave him alone as much as possible to calm down, separate him from the other cat and ensure he had no threatening symptoms).

She also said was that it is best to choose a high quality brand of cat food and stick to that exact type of food. Don't vary what you give your cat (provided that the food has all the nutrients your cat needs) and only feed it food you know they have eaten without any problems before. She also said that if he were to ingest what set off the reaction again, the next time would be worse -- possibly even life-threatening. She noted that it may not be the meat that set it off, but one or more of the additives. So stay away from all food by the same manufacturer if your cat is allergic to one of the types -- it may be the additives they use. Also, dry foods are generally better than wet foods (I think she said something abut there being fewer additives or additives that are lower risk).



You have to admire these people. First they make a sports car that is about as subtle as a G-string for men.

Now they've made an SUV.

With an engine the size of Albania that will no doubt make birds fall out of the trees as you drive along.

The interior that looks like it was made from S&M outfits from a fetish club for the color blind.

For its sheer, ballsy political incorrectness, it is a masterpiece. And the timing could not have been more perfect. Oil prices soaring, people losing their homes, credit lines drying up and then the dutch come up with this one. This car is no doubt the result of someone taking a lot of drugs -- drugs that I am sure are not legal even in Amsterdam.


Why nobody wears a cape anymore.

Felt a bit hungry. Got up, draped a blanket around my shoulders, and made some pot noodles. I suspect wearing capes went out of fashion once they figured out how easy it is to snag the pot noodle cup with the blanket/cape.

Not a pot noodle compatible garment then.