Web design on the tram.

I was on the tram the other day. These two young gentlemen were having a discussion about a website they were designing. One of them wanted the whole thing to be one big Flash application. The other one wanted to follow a more standards-compliant route with HTML, CSS and possibly some AJAX -- but used in moderation.

For some reason they decided to involve me in their conversation. (Might have been the hoodie with a large "Blogger" logo on the front, I don't know).

So I gave them my opinion. I told them that putting the whole web-site in a flash app is just about the most idiotic thing I can think of.

Of course, one of them looked all triumphant in a I-told-you-so-manner. The other guy was annoyed. After some moments of grumbling he says: -"so who are you to say what is idiotic? it's not like you work for Google or something".

"Right" I said, and put my earbuds back in to listen to Molly Wood rant about something.


  1. I thought we could index Flash?!? Who's the idiot now? :)

  2. Indexability or not, Flash is still the testicular sweat of the devil! :)

  3. Hei Bjørn. Jeg prøver å komme i kontakt med deg for noen spørsmål om NTNUs datahistorie (finner ingen epost-adresse noe sted). Kunne du sendt meg en mail?
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