The mobile computer.

I think 2009 could be the year when things will come together for the mobile phone as a computing platform. It is going to be a bit clumsy, but it does feel like the planets are aligning. Phones are becoming more powerful. They have more memory, faster CPUs, accelerated graphics, interesting sensors -- but more importantly: they have proper operating systems that allow better access for developers and affordable always-on Internet access is just around the corner.

I got an Android phone for christmas. It is a bit rough around the edges still, but it is promising. And it is a lot more exciting than when I started to look at the iPhone.

It is almost like looking at the web in its infancy. The necessary pieces are all showing up. Now we just need to play with them -- a lot; and then people will come up with all sorts of crazy and wonderful things.

This is going to be interesting.

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