I like to dabble in music. Not that I have any talent, but I like to fiddle around and carve out new sounds on my synthesizer. It is very relaxing to just record a few bars of MIDI, clean up the timing, loop it and go to work on the knobs and dials. I can do that for hours on end when I have the house to myself.

A while ago I came across an interview with Alessandro Cortini where he talks about the EAR synthesizer. Unlike most musicians, he actually likes to talk about the hardware and he has deep technical knowledge about what goes on inside the modules.

Anyway, I went back to check out the other videos and I came across this little gem of a track. It is a short piece of music performed on a Buchla 200e (I wasn't even aware that Buchla were still in business).

Now, it may not be your cup of tea, but I get excited about that sort of thing. To me this is not only a very nice piece of music, but it triggers the analytical parts of my brain. Having some whiff of an idea about what goes on with the sound doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the music -- it just adds another, highly enjoyable dimension to it.

Alessandro Cortini's website is at:

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