Spotify goodness.

Yesterday I created a Spotify-account and it was clear to me instantly that this was something I like.

Of course, this leads to introspection: I've spent some time today trying to figure out exactly why I like Spotify. Here are some initial theories:
  • It is instant. No, really, the thing is quick. Searching for stuff takes no time and playing tracks is pretty much instant. Of course, I do have a rather good internet connection, but this thing has exceptionally good response time.
  • It isn't one of those shit web services. There's a real client. A real piece of software that runs on my workstation. Similar web services will always be second rate. At least with the browser paradigms we have today.
  • It is sensibly hypertext'y. Do a search to get started then click around a bit and you'll quickly find something that fits your current mood.
  • Needs minimal manual interference. Find something you like and let it just play while you do other things. Doesn't need constant attention.
  • Reasonable sound quality.
If the for-pay version has some reasonable social mechanisms I'll definitively sign up for that. NOK 99 per month is absolutely acceptable. I'll have to check that out.

I wonder if they are going to make a client that lets you buy tracks so I can have them on my iPod as well. A streaming client for the iPod would be nice as well. Not that I think Apple are going to allow that, but you never know.

Streaming content rather than downloading and archiving just became a bit more viable as a way to consume content.

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