iPod Touch suggestions

I often listen to audio books on my iPod Touch in bed. This means I sometimes fall asleep while listening and the iPod just keeps on playing. Figuring out where I should start listening again the day after is a bit of a hassle as most audio books are divided into big chunks. Usually I have to do some back and forth scrubbing to figure out what I can remember listening to.

What if a feature was added so that you can tap the display to drop a bookmark in the audio book?

The feature could also be configured so that if you do not do this for some configurable number of minutes, the iPod just stops playing back (so you won't run out of batteries if you fall asleep).

It would be very helpful if you could see the bookmarks along the timeline and if you could have some annotations on them (though there should be an easy way to just add a bookmark without having to mess with annotating). Annotations should automatically be marked with a timestamp saying when you added the bookmark etc.

The iPod does have some support for remembering where you left off playback, but for some reason this feature is flakey. Sometimes the iPod just forgets where you were. I haven't paid enough attention to what causes this to happen so I can't really say, but it happens frequently.

Oh, and while you are at it, Apple, please make it possible to turn off cover-flow mode in the music player app. It is incredibly annoying to use the iPod when lying down and it keeps going into cover-flow. Yes, I know that you think it looks very cool, but it isn't really usable when you have as much content on your iPod as I have.

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