What I like about TV

I've finally found a redeeming feature of television.

Hilde is abroad this week. Meaning I am home alone and thus: I eat alone. Now I easily get bored while eating. I am in that inbetween generation. The generation that gets a headache from the offensive filth that is the MySpace aesthetic, yet grasps what is cool about twitter on some unconscious level.

This means I get terribly bored while tending to my bodily needs.

To alleviate the boredom of eating alone I sometimes switch on The Altar Of Consumerism And All Things Cheap, Shallow And Dull. Or the "television set" as the pudding-munching, planet-wrecking generation would say.

It doesn't really matter what is on. It is all more or less dreadful. Including the weather-forecast which is downright depressing if you live where I live.

While watching TV today it dawned on me what the TV reminds me of. It reminds me of those annoying people you sometimes fail to spot in time at parties so you can take evasive action, hide in the bathroom and avoid having to listen to their inane babblings about whatever they managed to dig out of their navel this morning. The sort of people who pin you down for what feels like a quantum of time best measured in the sort of time units plate-tectonics nerds use.

Which brings us back to the one redeeming feature TVs have: the off-switch. Tedious people unfortunately do not.

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