Three strikes.

It is with some amazement one observes that the halfwits of the french government have been successful in ramming their three strikes law for intellectual property offenses on the Internet down the throats of their apathetic subjects. I suppose if it doesn't revolve around litigation of someone who has wrongfully applied the term "champagne" to random fizzy drinks or happened to mislabel decayed dairy products, the french obviously do not comprendre or even care.

What is particularly worrisome is that "the charge of the proof is on the connection owner", as Wikipedia summarizes it. In other words: guilty until proven innocent. I suppose the only real surprise is that they are not re-opening Devil's Island in French Guiana to have the delinquents shipped there? Or just roll out Madame Guillotine and have their heads?

The reason I am annoyed at the french government, and by extension to semi-sentient hominids who elected them and so pathetically failed to put an end to this nonsense, is that stupidity is contagious. This nonsense will spread to other countries. We have enough trouble with our own halfwit politicians already thank you very much. We do not need you lot to inspire them.

One can only hope that the french courts will wipe off the books what feebleminded politicians have so carelessly crapped into law.

Oh, and we know how this one will go if there is still someone left in France who finds this law even the least bit odious: there will be a scandal in which a prominent person will have his Internet connection cut off for pirating vintage swedish pornography. Repeatedly. Complete with a suitably large cache of that unspeakable of unspeakables. Mark my words.

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