Apache Axis of Evil

I passionately hate Apache Axis. 

Today's fun and game center around the fact that the  WSDL to Java code generator seems to output different code on the same machine depending on whether it runs from my home directory or as part of the Hudson build.   During the Hudson build this gets generated:
public class ServiceException  implements java.io.Serializable
whereas when I do it on my home directory (or on my laptop or my other workstation at home) it produces:
public class ServiceException  extends org.apache.axis.AxisFault  implements java.io.Serializable
And this is for the exact same J2SE version, the exact same version of all dependencies etc.  What on earth is going on!?


  1. Gut reaction: classpath or properties.

    Some kind of wierdo extension/automagical feature depending on whats available in properties and/or the classpath.

  2. While I have been able to isolate the problem I am not sure i understand it or even care to understand it. the root cause remains: web services are infused with copious amounts of stupid and the inept monkeys who wrote Apache Axis are not doing anything but amplifying said copious amounts of stupid.