Doing what I like.

For the last decade I've been in the lucky position of working for some of the more exciting companies on the planet.  I've worked for FAST, Overture, Yahoo and Google -- in that order.  Before that I had my own startup with 3 friends, which got acquired by FAST.

Last year I started working as an independent consultant.  After a decade of full-time positions where a paycheck arrives every month regardless of how inspired I feel or how productive I am, it was a bit scary to be "on my own" again.  Turns out I had no reason to be scared.  There is always plenty of work to do and there are always more interesting projects around than I can shake a stick at.

Over the past months I have worked with a large company to formulate a plan for how they should approach the future.  This work is starting to bear some fruits and by the looks of it, I will be working with a lot of exciting people on several exciting projects over the next 12 months.  It looks as if I will get to do what I am good at.  At least part of the time :-)

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