Soundtracks for cars.

As new goodies are unveiled in Geneva I get a steady stream of links to videos of cars in my inbox.  The one thing that strikes me about a lot of these videos is how they are not targeted at anyone even remotely interested in cars.  They are touchy-feely, dull marketing wankery of the worst kind.

When Alfa Romeo launched the 8C they released a very nice video with some vintage footage followed by various gorgeous shots of the Alfa Romeo 8C driving along country roads.  There was just one problem.  A big one.  The soundtrack.  Dull muzak.

I mention this example because the one defining characteristic of the 8C is not so much its amazing looks, but the lovely sound it makes.  Anyone who has been in the presence of an 8C, or better yet, driven one, knows that the sound it makes is pure glory.  It growls and howls and the transition from one to the other, and back again, is just wonderful.  Even next to most Ferraris, the 8C has the better engine and exhaust sound.

While the 8C film released by Alfa Romeo a few years ago was probably the most grave example of automotive promotion incompetence, most manufacturers seem to hire equally clueless directors.  Why not get someone who actually cares about cars?

A couple of years later Alfa Romeo released another film.  This time for the MiTo GTA.  While there was a bit of engine noise at the start of the film, the rest of the thing had some of the tackiest rubbish music I've ever heard.  Why!?

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