Americans have an unhealthy relationship to the use of colorful language, which makes interacting with them weird if you come from, say, Norway.

Of course, Norway is at the other end of the scale:  in parts of Norway the use of highly sexualized expletives is seen as a by-product of how the respiratory system works.  If you are north of the polar circle and you should happen to call a policeman a horse's penis that's pretty much okay.  South of the polar circle...not so much.

But I digress.

My main annoyance with americans and colorful language is that when americans find themselves in a context where they think it is appropriate to use colorful language they do so in much the same manner as when children discover that there are certain words that make the adults pull odd faces and go through a range of facial colorations that would make a chameleon jealous.  You know the "poop!  hahaha!"-kind.

Some people seem to be utterly fascinated by the sound of "forbidden" words carried by their own voice.

Not too long ago I downloaded a podcast that was recommended to me called "Nerdist" that exemplifies what I am talking about.  The episode featured Adam Savage from Mythbusters, which was why I wanted to listen to it in the first place -- me being a big fan of Mr Savage.  Most of the episode was interesting and fun, but it was really annoying to listen to the presenters trying to be funny by interrupting Mr Savage to utter expletives and crude references to female genitalia -- and then giggling like teenage girls.

I am norwegian so no amount of swearing will offend me, but I am offended when you keep interrupting someone who is actually talking about something interesting.  If you are so fascinated with colorful language I suggest you visit the north of Norway until it wears off.  You can say "fuck" all you want and if it elicits any response from the locals whatsoever it is probably expletive-specked commentary on your weak swearing-fu.

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