It's the premises, stupid.

Just like "Father" the book "The Evolution Man", by Roy Lewis, I sometimes try to see myself, and my surroundings from an outside perspective and I worry about the speed at which we are evolving.

Of course, I am not speaking of our biological evolution, but the fact that sometimes it takes us an awful lot of time to get it

It should also be noted that I am not talking about mere change, but how we are able to internalize ideas, changing premises and new insights in a useful manner.  Change is perfectly able to occur without the companionship of understanding -- as the content industry, and the feeble politicians foolish enough to indulge them, have so brilliantly demonstrated.

We are sadly afflicted with a tendency towards ignoring that fundamental changes do occur with some regularity.  Yet we like to think of the world as constant -- even thought we show no hesitation in paying lip service to, and coldly observing, that change does take place, and yes, sometimes with dramatic effects.

We make fun of those who with regular intervals in our past claimed that we had discovered everything there was to discover and that the future of human knowledge and thought would mostly concern itself with modest refinement of what we already knew.  Yet essentially we are no better; we are still struggling even to learn from our recent past and to make even the most obvious projections into the future.

Today, what made me ask myself how come we are so incredibly boneheaded was an article in which someone opined on what our ambitions for broadband connectivity should be in Norway.  With ambitions as low as these it is hard to decide if one should pity them for their obvious lack of even the most rudimentary ability to project the future or if one should chastise them for inexcusable intellectual sloth.

This isn't fucking rocket science, you know.

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