Mobile banking

Online banking is a pain in the ass.  Just to log in I have to use that silly keygenerator.  Which means the keygenerator is all-important -- if I misplace it I can't access my bank for days.  So the key-generator stays at home in a fixed place so I know where to find it.  Which means that the online banking stuff doesn't help me one bit while I am on the road.  Or when I am not in my home office for that matter.

One solution would be if the bank allowed me to have multiple key generators and they made sure that they are ruggedized, so they won't break.  Perhaps then I'd put one on my keychain so I could always have it with me.

A better solution would be if my bank made a proper app that doesn't require the key generator and that lets me access a subset of my banking services.  Perhaps limited to only accessing only one account and imposing some limits on how much money I can transfer.

One of the things I really would like is to be able to queue up bills from my mobile.  Preferably by being able to OCR the account numbers and KID (specific to Norway) numbers.  Or better yet, by encouraging companies that make billing software to print QR-codes that can easily be scanned.  QR-codes would be less error prone than OCR. 

If I could add bills from my mobile, queue them up and then approve them later while I am at my workstation or laptop at home, that would actually be a good first step.  The first bank to offer this in Norway:  I'll be opening an account with you.


  1. Har du forresten prøvd MobilBankID? Ingen kodegenerator. Full tilgang til din Internettbank fra hvilken som helst nettleser på hvilken som helst dings. Per nå er det vel bare kunder av DnBNOR og Skandiabanken som tilfeldigvis også innehar et Telenor SIM som får nyte av dette...

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