Copy protection madness.

A friend of mine recently related a story about how he was unable to make use of software he had paid for because of a screw-up on part of the company that makes and sells this software left him stranded with a piece of software that didn't work.  Outside normal business hours.

Since I am going to link to the self-congratulatory twaddle the company in question use to put a positive spin on their copy protection I might as well say that the company was Propellerheads -- the guys who make Reason.  Don't get me wrong, these people make a great product and they deserve admiration for it.  But their copy protection is misguided, stupid and annoying.

Reading their explanation of how their copy protection works makes me a bit angry.  Because they have so clearly missed the point: fiddly copy protections are cracked with frightening regularity and the only people who are truly affected are the legitimate users.  Pirates don't have to deal with this nonsense.

Being dependent on either having the hardware dongle available at all times or being connected to the Internet (lest the software will shed features) is fiddly, unnecessary and annoying.  No amount of spin changes that fact there is nothing even remotely convenient about this.

And it certainly not outside normal business hours.

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