Android as a platform for launching a new language?

I'm not sure if I would say that there is a lot of focus on designing languages at Google, but with the recent announcement of Dart, I couldn't help but think that Google actually has what it takes to make a language successful quickly. If they develop a new language for the largest smart-phone platform on the planet, they can reach a lot of programmers in a very short time.

(Just look at how quickly the world learned Objective-C, which was all but an oddity, to make apps for iOS).

I think Oracle are mismanaging Java and that they have proved to be extremely short-sighted. Trying to extort Google for cash rather than seeing Android as an opportunity for becoming relevant on mobile platforms is a very weak response and one that tells me that Oracle does not have the long term in mind. And if you make an investment in a language you want a responsible "owner" that has the long term in mind.

Oracle is not that responsible owner, and as long as the attitudes of Larry Ellison persist, there will be a dark cloud hanging over Java.

I'm not sure if either Go or Dart are suitable for writing applications for a mobile platform. But it if Google should decide to create a replacement for Java on Android I think it could have a profound impact on the industry. They can reach a lot of developers very fast.

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