Get used to this.

Get used to this, because you are going to see this happen a lot:
  1. New entrant to market finds way of doing something an order of magnitude more efficiently.
  2. Incumbents laugh at new entrant;  point to their own years presence in field and talk about the immense value of experience.
  3. New entrant starts to eat market shares.
  4. Incumbents look on paralyzed not quite believing what is happening.
  5. New entrant takes #1 spot in market.
  6. Incumbent desperately tries to mimic the superficial aspects of what new entrant does without actually addressing the underlying substance.  
  7. Incumbent fails at mimicking new entrant, tries to sue new entrant.  Fails.
  8. Incumbent is irrelevant.  Shrinks, gets sold or goes bankrupt.

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