Engineers and negativity towards making.

Over the past few years I've spent a lot of time tinkering and building stuff.  From electronics to mechanical things.  Both have been made possible by the fact that both of these things are now more available -- both in terms of physical availability, but also the knowledge on how to do things.  There are thousands upon thousands of blogs, videos, tutorials and forum posts on any DIY topic imaginable.  If you want to build something or solve a problem, chances are there are people who have published things you can learn from.

Tinkering, making stuff and learning new things has never been easier.

However the surprising aspect of making is the negativity I get from a lot of people who are, at least in theory, engineers.  It seems that it is extremely hard for a frighteningly large portion of engineers to understand why someone would make something themselves rather than just buying things.  Or why someone would want to learn about something that isn't strictly speaking required by their job.


Of course, not everyone cares to figure things out and build stuff. I guess a lot of engineers, while nominally having jobs that require some creativity, would rather just punch the clock and do as they are told.

But I don't understand where the negativity comes from.

Norway has a problem with abysmal levels of innovation.  I think this shitty attitude might be one reason.


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